Emerson Fraser Studios is the partnership of two multi-talented artists that have come together to create one-of-a-kind artistic showpieces for your home. Using advanced painting techniques, you will be provided with gorgeous custom artworks that mesh perfectly with today's hottest design trends, perfectly suited to your unique space.


At Emerson Fraser, we believe that art should not only be affordable, but it should make you sing with joy, and you should fall in love with it. We believe you should be able to have something unique and affordable for your home or office, something that is solely yours, and not one of many thousands bought off the shelf of the local big-box store. 



Emerson gained certification and training in Old World Decorative Paint Finishes from a variety of instructors including Vonda Jessop, Nella Opperman and Ian Cairnie. Emerson continues to create beautiful environments for residential and commercial clientele with contemporary abstract artworks using a variety of tools and media to achieve richly layered colour and textural dimension that result in intensely vibrant and mysteriously luminous paintings. This “intense tranquility” comes from knowledge of the physical properties of the mixed media and the “wonder of the random factor” in which the layers interact with one another in sometimes unpredictable ways. The product is a combination of restraint and spontaneity which reveals the artist’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences as a visual journal of creative Spirit. Emerson exhibits in galleries throughout Ontario, is a member of numerous art associations in North America and has works in private collections in California, British Columbia and Florida. 

Fraser was born in Ottawa, Canada and received a Bachelor of Studio Arts with Honours from Brock University in St Catharines, Ontario. Fraser uses an in-depth knowledge of design and colour theory to create paintings that sing with expression. The line between representational and abstraction blurs and melds through the artist's use of texture and light. Fraser's graphic design work has been nominated by the Canadian Home Builder’s Association and was the winner of the Grand Sam Award for design and marketing excellence. Fraser has exhibited in Trinidad and in South Western Ontario and has works in several private collections in Canada, Mexico, England and Germany.