And so it Begins…

We're up and running. Now what?

Glad you're reading this, it means we've peaked your interest. Who are we? We are a partnership of like-minded artists who have joined to fill a niche. Original paintings are out of reach for many. So, most people walk into Winners or Walmart and hope they find something amongst the piles of factory-created canvas prints that fill the shelves. But, why? Because its affordable? Because it matches their current colour scheme? Sure. Unfortunately, its also junk. They may think they are getting their money's worth, but they're not. They are buying something that's pumped out of a high-volume factory, not something made with love and care from a true artisan. So that's where we come in. We create original paintings, then we create high-quality prints of that original to sell directly to you for a fraction of the cost, without a compromise on quality. We are locally-owned in Niagara and work with local businesses, to make sure we are supporting the local economy. We have VERY LIMITED print runs, so you can trust the artwork you purchase from us will be unique. You won't find this work in any store. It will be created with love and care and shipped directly to you at a reasonable price. Many of the paintings will have hand-embellishments to make them truly one-of-a-kind. So, take a look through our menu of Colour Choices and find a one-of-a-kind painting you can afford.


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