Fine Forms - What’s Your Shape?

Familiar shapes and forms have been a staple of great design and self-expression. From the triangular shape of the pyramids to the circular rotation of the zodiac and labyrinth to the colourful squares of Mondrian, geometric lines and shapes have filled our world. Modern and contemporary artists distilled foundational forms and shapes in striking arrangements and intriguing colours. Rich with symbolism shapes can create pleasing visual interest in your home. Cubes and squares commonly express a stabilizing energy and throughout history have symbolized sturdiness and truth. Circles, one of the oldest and most recognized shapes symbolize unity and wholeness, while triangles have long represented aspiration and energy.

At Emerson Fraser we follow this legacy and offer exciting and pleasing shapes in our custom studio artworks coordinated with your home. Many of today’s popular patterns, fabrics, flooring and tile choices set the tone for inspiration and unique touches that define your space. At Emerson Fraser we can incorporate the shapes of things to come using your favourite shapes in a unique artwork that truly represents you and rounds out your design and decor (pun intended!). Visit our website at and contact us to explore the affordable option of a custom artwork that suits your shape and the decor palette of your home or office!

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